“AW/SS” is a collection of new textile works and wearable separates. The exploration involves microcosms in single motif repetitions, permutations of the object as motif, and pattern abstractions. The final tactile quality of the material is a result of traditional textile techniques (weaving, knitting, printing and hand painting), while the form finds ease in shaping modern sillouettes to be worn by the contemporary woman and man.

The tableaux of clothes is the focus in this vernacular of an artist's studio. The site specificity is not to prescribe a context to the work, but to create awareness of value in the field of fashion. The historical mode of art is to balance longevity with respect to commerce, whereas fashion innovates only in direct response to the consumer; rendering itself infinitely temporary. Fast paced seasonal collections have encroached on the ethos of production, flooding mainstream consciousness with large amounts of expendable clothing, which diminishes the possibility of self-fashioning identities. Subject—Object disapproves of this behavior through autonomy, developing unique codes of fashion, ideally engaging the wearer to express themself through these clothes or whatever else.

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